Hookah De Mayo w/ ekoostik hookah, Aliver Hall & Drunken Sunday

Sweetwater Brewing Presents

Hookah De Mayo w/ ekoostik hookah, Aliver Hall & Drunken Sunday

Aliver Hall, Drunken Sunday

Sat, May 2, 2015

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$12.00 - $15.00

Ekoostik Hookah
Ekoostik Hookah
One of the most dynamic acts on the road today, ekoostik hookah is the nucleus of a growing family drawn to its lucid, improvisational treatment of psychedelic rock 'n' roll, blues, funk, jazz and bluegrass layered with rich harmonies. Born early in 1991 in a smoky basement bar, the band has been continually evolving, cultivating a sound that has perked the ears of contemporaries and attracted thousands of fans who routinely travel hundreds of miles to hear them play.

The Ohio-based band began jamming during weekly open-mic nights when vocalist/keyboardist Dave Katz, lead guitarist Steve Sweney and bassist Cliff Starbuck had full-time gigs with popular bands. The ensemble quickly found a following and began this odyssey when a stranger who heard them at a party bankrolled a trip to the studio to record Under Full Sail. By the end of recording, band members had committed themselves full-time to ekoostik hookah. Drummer Eric Lanese, who joined in 1993, Ed McGee, who assumed singing, songwriting and rhythm guitar duties in 1996, and the newest member, Johnny Polansky on percussion round out the band's line-up.
Aliver Hall
Aliver Hall
Ohio’s festival darlings have now turned into a national touring group known for groundbreaking performances at venues across the United States. Aliver Hall’s music combines their signature Akron, OH rock ‘n’ roll grit with groove based dance music, but fans are simply addicted to the raw power, drive and energy that captures the soul of any music-lover.

The band is a constantly evolving musical entity that refuses to shy from experimentation. Their live show is full of hypnotic grooves, scorching guitar riffs, lush vocal harmonies, and driving dance beats. The band’s rigorous tour schedule has not prevented them from recording two studio albums Welcome To Aliver Hall (2011), and Chasing The Rain (2012). The band is preparing to release their third album, The Numbing Glow in the Fall of 2014.

"Aliver Hall is quickly gaining attention in Northeast Ohio for its jam-band ways.. [c]erebral stuff indeed." - Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Aliver Hall build skyscraper songs that cement classic rock to granola grooves." - Cleveland Scene

"[A]n eclectic mix of energetic jam pop rock." - AltOhio

"Aliver Hall is a band you have to see live." - Buckeye Music Magazine

"Their improv solos have a rock n' roll feel that flows with the laid back, yet in-your-face, melodic harmonies, licks and guiding percussion... Aliver Hall should be considered up-and-coming." - Buzzbin Magazine
Drunken Sunday
Drunken Sunday will be releasing their brand new album, “Stay True” and will be playing two sets!

Drunken Sunday based out of Kent Ohio, brings to the Ohio music scene something completely original. A blend of styles and influences rarely found together in a band, With a very high energy fusion of Funk, Rock, Reggae , and Hip Hop, Drunken Sunday has something for everyone. Led by the wild face-melting guitar solos and equally wild stage antics of Joel Covender, and backed by tight bass lines interwoven with heavy rock and funk rhythms the bands live performance is definitely one not easily forgotten.
Drunken Sunday was officially formed in February of 2012 and found the permanent line-up of members in February 2013. Since then Rod Parks(bass), Ricky Hlavaty (rhythm guitar and backup vocals), and founding members Cory Riley(drums), Josh Slone(hand percussion), and Joel Covender(lead guitar and vocals) have put in a mountain of work to reach their goals. With each performance getting better and better Drunken Sunday looks forward to being a huge part of the music scene around the country in the coming years!
Venue Information:
The Kent Stage
175 East Main
Kent, OH, 44240