Simeon Soul Charger

Homecoming Show

Simeon Soul Charger

Maid Myriad (CD Release Party)

Sat, October 4, 2014

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm (event ends at 11:59 pm)

$10.00 - $15.00

Simeon Soul Charger
Simeon Soul Charger
“One of the most enthralling debuts of the last years!“ (Rock Hard 02/2012)

Friends of sophisticated but equally catchy rock music may enjoy a special treat on October 4, 2014 at The Kent Stage in Kent, Ohio. Simeon Soul Charger is the name of the psychedelic rock band from Akron, Ohio who have a strong reputation for their stirring live performances and whose band history resembles a road movie from a bygone era sometime in the 1960s:

A Bavarian business traveler in New York accidentally came across a new and unknown band, whose music and live qualities raised his enthusiasm so that he urgently talked them into coming to Bavaria for a couple of shows. Finally the band mates decided to take the challenge, and without a penny in their pockets they set off from Ohio to Bavaria where they took up quarters in a remote old farmhouse.

That was in 2011. Three years on, much has changed for Simeon Soul Charger. Their secluded artists´ residence became a creative workshop for several highly acclaimed releases, and it´s from there that they depart for extensive tours through Bavaria, Europe, and the US. The band have evolved artistically ever since.

Their music has been described as a cinematic pastiche of 70's psychedelic, folk, blues, progressive, glam, and stoner rock with psychological, philosophical, and socio-political lyrical themes portrayed in a maelstrom of narration. Their nostalgic approach is not only surprisingly modern, but Simeon Soul Charger “catapult the past into the present“ to experience “timelessness“. (Süddeutsche Zeitung 08/2013).

Music magazines such as Rock Hard enthused about the debut album Meet Me in the Afterlife: “It´s delightful with a briskness that the majority of the rock music scene has lost completely, which is unfortunate. You´ve got to LISTEN to this awesome album as often as possible, and fast!“ (RH 02/2012). Legacy magazine recognizes “the pieces of composition that stand out pleasantly against the predictable uniformity of the genre, a never fraying cornucopia of ideas and therefore, a must.“

With their conceptual album Harmony Square Simeon Soul Charger finally delivered their best album to date, providing orchestral rock feeling that needs not fear a comparison with Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, or Queen, but always in their own distinctive voice.

Thus expectations for their upcoming 2014 album are high, and a little taste is given at any of the current shows. On October 4, 2014 you may expect sophisticated music that combines substance and musical humor with high entertainment value and power – this band´s unique live energy irresistibly charges your soul.
Maid Myriad (CD Release Party)
Maid Myriad (CD Release Party)
Akron, Ohio-formed MAID MYRIAD has completed their debut full-length studio recording, which is now being finalized for an early Fall 2014 release via Nefarious Industries.
Boasting a beautiful but potent style of post-progressive/alternative/pop they like to refer to as kaleidoscope rock, MAID MYRIAD blends dynamically versatile songs, angst-fueled progressive riffs, delicate pin drop moments, and intense start/stop dynamics. The band formed in 2007, quickly solidifying their name within the local scene, receiving heavy regional airplay from their debut EP Embrace, being named Akron’s second best local band in 2010 (behind The Black Keys), logging miles in the van, and opening for such national acts as Primus, Gogol Bordello, Dax Riggs, Michale Graves, Maps & Atlases, As Tall As Lions and more.

Guitarist, singer, and songwriter, Jeff Klemm (ex-Via Lotus), and drummer Greg Meisenberg (A Fucking Elephant), have recently wrapped-up recording MAID MYRIAD’s first full-length album, With Haste On Its Breath. With a dozen new songs radiating with the band’s most exceptionally-crafted songwriting through their most expansive and explosive material to date, With Haste On Its Breath is an hour-long opus that is as beautiful as it is infectious. Bursting with influences from a gamut of rock subgenres, one can hear elements of Sense Field, Serpico, Sunny Day Real Estate and others born of the 1990s post-hardcore/emo circuit, massive alternative rock elements of Dredg, later Cave In and the mellowest aspects of the Dillinger Escape Plan’s more recent recordings, relentless creativity on the level of Tool and Mike Patton’s catalog and so on, all seamlessly honed and brought to vibrant life with a passionate, dynamic, clean vocal delivery. Recorded in both Akron, Ohio, and Keyport, New Jersey, produced and engineered by Klemm at Free Truman Productions, and then mixed and mastered by Kevin Antreassian at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, New Jersey (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Adrenaline Mob, Foxy Shazam, etc.), the album’s artwork and layout was crafted by Eric Nyffeler at Doe-Eyed (East Of The Wall, A Fucking Elephant).

While MAID MYRIAD has been comprised of Jeff Klemm and Greg Meisenberg, the duo is now joined by bassist Mario Tonathy, whom the band toured with heavily throughout 2013. With Tonathy now a full-time member of the band, MAID MYRIAD will take back to the streets, promoting the new album across the US throughout the latter half of 2014 and beyond.

With Haste On Its Breath will see a six-panel digipak CD and digital release October 7th via Nefarious Industries, the independent label founded by members of MAID MYRIAD, A Fucking Elephant, El Drugstore and more, and the home of a bunch of big, dumb noise.
Venue Information:
The Kent Stage
175 East Main
Kent, OH, 44240