Impossible Deceptions, Charles Peachock & Jason Alan Magic

The Kent Stage Welcomes

Impossible Deceptions, Charles Peachock & Jason Alan Magic

Sat, August 23, 2014

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

$15.00 - $20.00

Impossible Deceptions
Impossible Deceptions
Impossible Deceptions-
Reigniting the Wonder of a Jaded Public

When was the last time you gasped with astonishment? Shrieked with laughter? When have you done both at the same time? Impossible Deceptions is this summer’s cure to the daily grind. Open your mind and dust off your imagination; this show is chocked full of mind blowing stunts and side splitting comedy.

America’s Got Talent finalist, Charles Peachock along with award winning magician, Jason Alan combine their art forms to produce Impossible Deceptions. Come to this show and experience what People Magazine, Nick Cannon and Piers Morgan call, “Amazing, Incredible and just simply WOW!” Don’t miss this one time performance, get your tickets now!!

Charles Peachock
Two-Time Gold Medalist and World Champion Juggler Charles Peachock is a Finalist from the #1 show America’s Got Talent, where he went further than any juggler in the show’s 10 year history. He is the only juggler in history to be featured in People magazine.
Charles has broken traditional barriers, moving juggling from the circus tent into arenas to theater venues worldwide. Charles is respected as both the World's leading technical juggler and the World's most innovative juggler. Using outside-of-the-box artistic routines, original concepts, one-of-a-kind props, woven with clever comedic moments honed with a fine wit and sincere warmth.

His juggling feats, performance style and personality are revered by his peers and audiences worldwide. Don’t miss your chance to experience the World’s best come see Charles Peachock in action!

The Alans
Explore a world of impossibilities and imagination with the magic and entertainment of The Alans. Jason and Stacy Alan deliver a high energy show with powerful magic, mind-boggling mental feats and hilarious audience participation. A show so mind-bendingly good it will make you a believer!
The Alans travel the country performing hundreds of shows every year. They earned the Cleveland’s Top Talent award in 2012 and in 2015 opened for music legend Chubby Checker.
Charles Peachock
Charles Peachock
Charles Peachock has made more appearances on the #1 show America’s Got Talent than any juggler in the show’s 9 year history. He’s the only juggler to be featured in People Magazine. Originally from Kent he’s taking a short break from his busy touring schedule to perform one night in Kent’s biggest stage. Which hasn’t happened in years. Don’t miss your one chance to see this amazing entertainer!
Jason Alan Magic
Jason Alan Magic
Jason became interested in magic at the age of 13. While visiting relatives in California a homeless gentleman approached Jason and showed him his very first magic trick. The rest is history.
In 2002 Jason was studying Youngstown State University and competing as a collegiate athlete. He then began performing magic for the public full time. Instantly he became recognized as one of the top magicians in the nation. Performing on the college circuit, corporate market and cruise ships
In 2008 Jason competed in the Magicians Alliance of Eastern States (MAES) magic competition. Jason took home first place prizes in Close-up Magic, Stage Magic, and Comedy Magic. He was also awarded first place in the 2009 Canton Ohio Battle of Magicians Close up contest. Other awards include 2011 Battle of Magicians and 2008 Columbus Magifest.
Beginning in 2009 Jason was asked to perform his magic on the Bahamas Celebration Cruise Ship in West Palm Beach Florida. Since then he has had the pleasure of becoming the resident magician aboard the Bahamas Celebration.
Currently Jason enjoys traveling the globe and performing his magic show for various audiences. Jason’s love for the art of magic continues to grow as he designs many effects used by top magicians around the world (various magic videos here) .
In 2011 Jason had the pleasure of proposing to his wife aboard a cruise ship. Currently he resides in Akron Ohio in Northeastern Ohio with his wife. Jason will continue traveling the globe spreading his art of magic to those willing to watch.
Venue Information:
The Kent Stage
175 East Main
Kent, OH, 44240