Ed Kowalczyk - I Alone - Acoustic

The Kent Stage Presents:

Ed Kowalczyk - I Alone - Acoustic


Fri, November 15, 2013

8:00 pm


Ed Kowalczyk
Ed Kowalczyk
Launches I ALONE - ACOUSTIC tour

Ed Kowalczyk, is widely known as the legendary songwriter and former lead-singer of the multi-platinum rock band, LIVE. In 2013, Ed is introducing his newest creative offering…the acoustic production - “I ALONE” ACOUSTIC, a nod to one of one of Kowalczyk’s most famous lyrics.

KOWALCZYK has built an impressive résumé that includes eight full-length albums with his former Live bandmates that have reached gold and platinum status in 9 countries, and nine Top 10 radio hits such as “Lightning Crashes”, “I Alone”, “Selling The Drama”, “The Dolphin’s Cry”, “Overcome” and “Heaven”, and his first solo album in 2010, Alive, which spawned the hit single “Grace”.

With over 20 Million albums sold worldwide, Kowalczyk led Live to become one of the most successful and enduring alternative rock bands of the last twenty years. In this latest acoustic production, KOWALCZYK will be performing songs from his entire Live catalog and songs from his solo career which will include music from his forthcoming album, due out in late Summer 2013.

One of the main elements that have enabled KOWALCZYK to maintain a devoted fan base is the substantial and durable nature of his lyrics, which have often reflected Ed's personal and spiritual concerns. “My approach as a songwriter is to write songs that are not finite and will resonate with listeners for a really long time,” KOWALCZYK asserts. “Twenty years after the first Live album, Mental Jewelry, I am still able to get something out of songs we recorded in the early 1990s--and I think that one of the reasons why I’ve had so many fans for so long is that the fans are also continuing to find nuances in the songs.”

KOWALCZYK is excited to be sharing this new look at some of the biggest hits of his career along with music from his new forthcoming album in this dynamic and unique unplugged performance.
Performing live Callaghan plays piano and guitar and delivers a vocal which earns frequent comparisons with artists like Sarah McLachlan and Emmy Lou Harris. Her songs chronicle stories and moments from her own life and from others. Watching her show you'll enjoy thoughtful lyrics, haunting vocals, and catchy melodies. Callaghan's debut album, Life In Full Colour, released in spring 2012. The release was the lmination of a journey which brought the singer-songwriter across the Atlantic from London to live and record in the USA. A long-time Shawn Mullins fan, Callaghan contacted the Atlanta singer-songwriter through MySpace, and after being knocked out by her music he agreed to a rare collaboration. Callaghan left her London digs and boarded a plane headed for the American South: the experience was the inspiration for the opening track and first single from her album, Best Year.
Life in Full Colour was tracked in and around Atlanta with Mullins both producing and playing on the record. Its 12 songs combine shades of folk, country, rock and pop into a fusion of feeling and melody. Life in Full Colour has been getting a great reaction. The Huffington Post describes the album as "joyful listening", while InLiveMusic says "Callaghan's voice is stunning, clear and is perfect for the story telling of her songs" 2013 saw her releasing her live album 'Callaghan Live in America' and touring from coast-tocoast. To enjoy a taste of Callaghan's music please download her free six song EP '40 States and Counting' which draws songs from both her live and studio albums.
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